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Fingerprint: 1,500 (Fingerprint, Card & Password),Cards: 10,000 Transaction: 1,00,000
Manufacturer: FingerTec

It is time to scrap the outdated manual punch card system and adopt an efficient time attendance system with the TimeLine 100, a card system with a difference, specifically designed for office use. Simple to install and manage, the TimeLine 100 offers large storage capacity which is able to match a larger office requirement especially when paired with the TCMS V2, a Windows-based time attendance software complete with various reports for attendance management. On top of this, the TimeLine 100 easily integrates with other FingerTec terminals in one centralized system as long as they

have a card feature, allowing for customization within a workplace.

Products specifications
Microprocessor 300 MHz
Memory 256 MB Flash memory and 32 MB SDRM
Cards 10000
Fingerprint templates 1500
Transactions 100000
Display Black and White
Dimensions (LxWxH) 78 X 50 X 150
Verification Time <1 (sec)