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Attendance,Leave & Payroll Management

GA Soft is an enterprise-grade solution that captures time and data and automates the most complex attendance, pay rules, entirely through configuration. Attendance system all employee wise data and then assign employee wise all salary related data. We can see report after process salary data monthly wise. Salary System that Compensation paid by an employer to an employee.




GA Soft is an enterprise-grade solution that captures time and data and automates the most complex attendance, pay rules, entirely through configuration. Attendance system all employee wise data and then assign employee wise all salary related data. We can see report after process salary data monthly wise. Salary System that Compensation paid by an employer to an employee.

Our salary system is an automatic system that depends on attendance system all type of data. After process attendance system all employee wise data and then assign employee wise all salary related data. We can see report after process salary data monthly wise.

Designed for large employers and global enterprises, this means there are no compromises in helping your organization automate 100% of your complex attendance process, pay rules and compliance requirements. No costly customization, no manual workarounds, and no pockets of data tracked outside the system. By assuring 100% automation, GA Soft makes it simple to ensure timely and accurate paycheck processing… but it also allows you to achieve measurable business results.


Attendance module includes the following sub components:

Time and Attendance:

It has flexibility for managing shift and roster with the ability to monitor employee’s attendance. It supports all phases of roster management from shift definition through employees` assignment to scheduling. It has the capability to capture information from any electronic attendance tracking device, which enables effective monitoring of attendance and overtime management with payroll module.

Leave Management:


It is a comprehensive leave management and administrative module, with extensive possibilities of defining leave types, holiday schedule and other information. The system is able to display information on leave entitlement, balance, history etc. Eliminate paper works and saves costs.

Shift Management:


It is an important feature that can handle multiple shifts including automatic shift roster according to shifting rules of the company.

Payroll module includes the following sub components:



The module provides a complex payroll management solution. It is designed to integrate with any other attendance-capturing device, with multiple devices connected to a central system. You use the solution to generate pay-slip, view reports, handle increments, overtime, income-tax etc.

Provident Fund:

Provident fund contribution deduction process is available.

Other Allowance:

It is possible to define other allowance based on organization policy, i.e.: transport, lunch allowance etc.

Bonus Management:

This module can manage complex bonus process, including defining rule, approval and payment procedures. It is also capable of defining various bonus types, different ways of calculating bonus and other features.


Training Management:

A comprehensive module to manage training related activities. The administration part includes the definition of training types, course info, instates, resources persons, scheduling and estimated costs.


Performance Appraisal (Add-On Module):

CRA and KPI based Performance Appraisal Management that including Appraisal Cycle, Employee Appraisal, Configure, Goal Settings and more. It streamlines, improve and automate the complete performance management process.


Provident Fund Management (Add-On Module):

A comprehensive solution is design and developed to automate a complete life cycle of PF transactions like detection of contribution, investments, profit calculation/ allocation to members etc. This module is integrated software taking care of total Business Management of PF Trusts.

PF module has built-in several security features towards risk Management. IT has the facility to eliminating data entry on subscription, loan repayment and avoiding the chances of reconciliation and mismatch. Other features are multi location companies, PF Subscriber Information, Subscription Accounting, Benefit Disbursal, Loan Management, Trust Accounting, and Investments Management. Administration module has the system control, menu control and other functional controls and facility to obtain custom reports according to the Trusts requirements.

Features Benefits Module Screenshot:


  • Registration of the employees is a easy process
  • Unique User Id with the system and the attendance device.
  • Attendance Management System will read the log from attendance device.
  • HR / Admin can view/edit data
  • Leave calculations
  • Holiday calculations
  • Rotational Off day calculations
  • Shift Management – Cross Day Shift management, cross day attendance records
  • Total hours checking using logs of particular employee or a group of employees
  • Raw Logs & Automated Duty Hours calculation based on multiple check in check out
  • Multiple Shifts with fully flexible Late/Early slabs.
  • Auto penalties based on set late come & early go rules.
  • With Out Pay Leaves calculation
  • Auto-archive attendance records
  • Monthly, Yearly reports, Daily Reports generation
  • Separate Admin & User Login
  • Compatible with any Attendance Device
  • Customizable Reports(Save, Print and Email reports in different formats)
  • User Designable Pay slip, Pay register and other reports.
  • Loan & Advance Management.
  • Multi user access customization.
  • Auto backup and recovery system.
  • Settings based customized facilities as per company policy
  • Quick information viewer print facilities for all modules.
  • Quick search and approval based employee master information.
  • All employee information arrange in single module by shutter system.
  • Photo based modules make the entries more perfect.
  • Auto calculation of leave entitlement, availed leave and dues leaves.
  • RFID manager for auto listing of new card, assign and return cards.
  • In / Out missing , Doubtful and Blank card treatment for new joined.
  • Personal file manager keep all employee related files (soft copy).
  • Auto promotion, increment, transfer and final settlement facilities.
  • Auto effect of loan installment with payroll, re-scheduling & Statement.
  • By the minimum input, maximum output of Bangla if required


Others Features:

  1. Employee Salary Information

       Keep records all employees’ salary information by employee Id wise.


  1. Loan Details

           Employee Id wise, we can keep loan record, installment records and other information about Loan.


  1. Provident Fund(P.F)

          Employee Id wise, Set provident fund role for all employees.


     4.  Salary/Wages/Festival Bonus Generate

        After End of month then process all salary data depends on loan, Provident fund, bonus, Attendance persistence, OverTime 

        and others which salary related.  

    5.  Reporting and analytics

        We can see all kinds of salary/wages/Overtime (OT)/Festival bonus/Leave Encashment reports after process using salary  

        process module.     

Key Benefits:

  1. 100% Web based if you need any support then we always with you.
  2. System is accessible any time depends on you.
  3. This system is automatic that can save your time.
  4. 100% Web based if you need any support then we always with you.
  5. System is accessible any time depends on you.
  6. This system is automatic that can save your time.
  7. Take advantage of the Internet to promote your products or services in the most cost- effective way.


Other Benefits:

  • Removes the stress caused by Shift Scheduling.
  • Attendance Management System helps cutting down administrative time.
  • The software can eliminate human error while calculating time.
  • The software can monitor and analyze absence to reduce loss.
  • Attendance Management System can improve organizational efficiency.
  • The software can be integrated with Payroll Management System for further processing.
  • Calculation of leaves is just a click away.
  • Minimum working hours, Half day rules, early exit rules can be feed in the system.
  • Manage multiple check in – check out, duty hour calculation.
  • Manage Grace Time / Late / Haft day / Extra Work Day or Hours.
  • CL / SL / EL or PL / Restricted Holidays.
  • The Attendance Management System can provide multiple reports as per your need.
  • Prevents misuse of policies and flexibility to improve productivity.
  • Seamless organization for better speed and control.

Employee Information:

1. List of active employee
2. Category wise employee list
3. List of newly joined- Date range wise
4. Date of separation wise employee list
5. Date range wise promotion information
6. Employee promotion letter
7. Transfer information
8. Increment Letter
9. Appointment Letter
10.Job Confirmation Letter
11.Employee bio-data
12.Gender wise total employee


Attendance Related Report:


  • Present Report
  • Present ID Card List
  • Absent Report
  • Absent Report With Photo
  • Late Report
  • Attendance Summary Department wise
  • Attendance Summary Floor wise
  • Missed Out Punch
  • Missed In Punch
  • Late and Early Leave Report
  • Manual Attendance Register
  • Monthly Late Sheet
  • Attendance Summary Sheet
  • Complete Attendance Report
  • Continuous Absent Report
  • Work Time Report
  • Monthly Line wise Attendance Summary
  • Manpower Summary
  • Monthly Attendance Sheet
  • Holiday Allowance
  • Net Working Time Allocation
  • Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Job / Time Card Real
  • Job / Time Card Compliance
  • Employee Movement Register
  • Continuous Absent Report
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Daily Absent Report
  • Daily Present Report
  • Daily Late Report
  • Daily Attendance Summary
  • In Punch Miss Report
  • Out Punch Miss Report
  • JOB Card
  • Monthly Attendance Summary


Leave Reports:

  • Leave Application
  • Leave Register
  • Individual Leave Status Report
  • Leave Availed Report
  • Casual Leave Status Report
  • Sick Leave Status Report
  • Earned Leave Status Report
  • Maternity Leave Status Report
  • Employee Leave Transaction
  • Leave Summary Report
  • Monthly Leave record

OT Related:

  • Daily OT Report
  • Daily OT Summary
  • Count Wise OT Report
  • Extra OT Report
  • OT Summary Monthly
  • Count wise OT Summary
  • Date wise OT Allocation

Payroll Related:

  • Compliance Salary sheet
  • Real Salary sheet
  • Pay Slip
  • Salary Summary Compliance
  • Salary Summary Real
  • Salary Envelop
  • Salary Denomination
  • Daily Comprehend Salary
  • Daily Comprehend Salary Summary
  • Extra OT Sheet
  • Extra OT Summary
  • Eid Bonus Sheet
  • Punitive Deduction Report


Management Related:

  • Salary compatible Chart
  • Internal Audit for Employee Register
  • Internal Audit for Daily Attendance
  • Year Attendance Performance Report
  • Yearly Loyalty Bonus Sheet
  • Yearly Earned Leave Sheet

Operating Platform:

“GA Soft” supports three-tier open system architecture, from host multi-user system and a Client-Server implementation, to a total web-based solution. Accordingly, there is a wide range of operating platforms to choose from.


Server Options:


  • Windows NT/ XP/Vista/ Windows 7/2000/2000 Server/2003


Client Options:


  • Standard Windows (XP/Vista/ Windows 7/2000)


Hardware Requirements:

Before the installation of ‘HR Manager’, site preparation will be completed and ‘HR Manager’ will be installed in the designated Server. Respective authority will provide the necessary hardware and application support software.


(a) Server:

Minimum Specification for Server should be:

• RAM: 2 GB or above

• HDD: 500 GB

• Processor: Pentium IV or above

• AGP: 64 MB

• LAN connectivity

• Monitor Resolution: Recommended 1024 X 768 or higher

(b) Workstations:

Minimum Specification for Workstations should be:

• RAM: 1 GB or above

• HDD: 250 GB

• Processor: Pentium IV or above

• LAN connectivity

• Monitor Resolution: Recommended 1024 X 768 or higher


(c) Software Requirements

• Operating System (Windows XP/Vista/ 7/2000/2003 Server)

• SQL Server 2000/2005/2008



Language: ASP.Net 2008/2010

Database: SQL Server 2005/2008

Report: Crystal Report 10.5 or Above

.Net Framework 3.5 or 4.0