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Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic sliding door operators are the popular choice for door automation in high use areas. They offer a very reliable method of automatically opening and closing doors, and are available in single sliding and bi-parting versions. Bi-parting is the best choice when space is available. Pedestrians normally approach a door at the centre of the opening. While both types open at the same speed, the bi-parting door will “appear” to open faster as in effect you only wait for the central opening to allow enough room for passage. Single sliding doors must travel a greater distance before the opening is wide enough to pass through. Automatic sliding doors are more reliable than powered swing doors, and require less maintenance. Safety is provided by special presence sensing radar units that also look for anyone stopping within the door area.

The Automatic Doors and Glazed Screen shall be supplied and installed by Electro Automation (NI) Ltd. All operating and safety accessories shall be supplied by Electro Automation as part of this contract. The screen and doors shall be manufactured from proprietary aluminium sections, single glazed with 6.4mm laminated safety glass. The overall screen size shall be as per the drawings. Measurements must be verified on site and shall be the contractor’s responsibility.

The sliding door operator shall be the EA Doors KS1000 range. It shall be capable of continuous duty and be complete with a monitored battery back-up system. The internal microprocessor shall allow a choice of operating logics. Operation in this case shall be by radar units on each side which shall open the doors as a person approaches. The radars must incorporate presence devices that ensure the doors will not close on any pedestrian. Side screen sensors shall be provided. In the event that the opening passage of the doors is blocked, an audible warning shall be emitted and the doors shall move in creep mode. In the event of a mains power failure, or if the stores Fire Alarm System is activated, a monitored battery "back-up" unit on permanent trickle charge shall be provided.


Microprocessor fully automatic and fully adjustable for fast and slow speeds Adjustable to incorporate 0 - 30 seconds delay Operator is capable of continuous duty cycle Variable opening width is obtained by either automatic or manual control The operator will provide internal audible alarms 2 No. Door suspensions leaf, fully adjustable to allow for vertical, horizontal or lateral adjustment Track shall be alumite-coated aluminium All track and headgear is covered by one piece full width extruded aluminium cover in a finish to suit aluminium installation Motor is driven from isolator unit mounted adjacent to the doors (isolator unit fitted by others) Microwave motion detector head/s shall be mounted above each single or pair of doors on both sides of the frame to provide for 3 operations. Detectors shall incorporate presence sensing devices to keep the door open if obstructed. Suitable track is included in the bottom rail of the door, to be downward pointing to prevent failure due to rubbish or dirt accumulation. The guides are floor mounted opposite the mullion and shall not encroach on the door opening. All the above shall be fully adjustable.

The operators shall be designed for a working temperature: -25oc to +75oc
Mains power input: 220vAC ± 10%


1 No. Glazed Screen as per drawing incorporating automatic bi-parting doors
1 No. Electro Sliding Automatic Door Operator
1 No. Set of Safety Photocells
2 No. Radar Units c/w presence safety sensors
4 No. Top Hanging Door Brackets
2 No. Floor Guides
1 No. Digital Control (Open-Close-Auto)
1 No. Battery Back-up system and switch
1 No. Transformer
2 No. Side Screen Safety Scanners
BS7036 the current code of practice for safety at automatic doors, states that “an additional presence sensing device is essential where a significant proportion of the door users are elderly, infirm or very young”. A risk assessment of potential use is to be carried out by Electro Automation.
All civil works and cabling by others.
All materials and specialist advice can be obtained

Products specifications
Brand Nabco,STL,Dream (DC-4)