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Keylock 8800

Microprocessor: 400 MHz, Memory 4 MB flash memory
Manufacturer: FingerTec

Keylock 8800 is a simple access control device, with a mechanical door lock design. The device was designed to be installed on the door of a restricted area, as it has a stainless steel bar latch that functions as a door knob, suitable as an access control tool. The beauty of Keylock 8800 is its simplicity. From installation to administration, Keylock 8800 is wire-free and hassle-free. User management can be done easily at the terminal itself. Keylock 8800 manages to stay wireless due to its battery operated power source, and its USB flash disk feature. To sum it up, Keylock 8800 is a user-friendly product which, despite its size, contains the features that you need in an access control device.

Products specifications
Microprocessor 400 MHz
Memory 4 MB flash memory
Fingerprint templates 500
Cards 100
Transactions 30000