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Fingerprint: 10,000 (Fingerprint, Card & Password) Cards: 10000 Transaction: 2,00,000
Manufacturer: FingerTec

FingerTec Q2i is a premium security device with advanced time attendance and access control features. Containing a large storage capacity with precision fingerprint scanning algorithm, the Q2i is a suitable time attendance and access control solution for small to large-scaled organizations, especially when paired with t he Ingress software, FingerTec’s extensive access control monitoring application. With useful features such and workcodes an short message display, the Q2i is versatile with many customizable features, and several options for you to sync your terminal with a connected PC.

Products specifications
Microprocessor 800 MHz
Memory 256 MB flash memory and 64 MB SDRAM
Fingerprint templates 10000
Cards 10000
Transactions 200000
Display 3.5” 65k color TFT screen
Dimensions (LxWxH) 200 X 56 X 160
Verification Time <1 (sec)