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General Automation Ltd also offers state of the art solutions for Time and Attendance, Asset Tracking Solution, Barcode Solution, ID Card Solution, and Supermarket Equipment Solution.


The Time and Attendance solution offers various types of device hardware required by offices and factories as per number of headcounts in the premises. These devices are solid and the build quality is made from state of the art technology from Malaysia which passes through a strict quality control before it reaches to our end user. In order to make the device efficient, a customizable leave management software and a human resource payroll software is included in it. The software helps to compare and contrast changes within shifts among employees and supports the administration to generate leave status of every individual and process payroll.

However some hardware offers face recognition and others require PVC or RFID card. In order to accommodate both, the solution also offers plain PVC card, colored card, printing, casing, and also printers to generate ID card.

Therefore in short, Time and Attendance Solution offers a Device Hardware, PVC card or RFID Card, an ID Card Printer, a Leave Management Software, and a Human Resource Payroll Software.


The Asset Tracking Solution helps to identify accessories used on a daily basis in an industrial environment where assets can be tracked starting from a single hammer to a box of tools or finished products. The solution is comprehensive and very simple. The solution comprises of Barcodes, Few Hand scanners and an inventory management software.

The barcode is generated by software which is also a part of the solution and then printed with the assistance of a barcode printer. The printer then generates the barcode in different sizes of labels as per requirement. After the barcode label are being placed on the assets, a hand scanner is required to read the barcode and locate its where about. In order to keep counts of assets flowing in and out of the inventory, inventory management software is used to make the process complete and effective.

In short, Asset Tracking Solution offers Barcode Software, Barcode Printer, Barcode Ribbon, Barcode Labels, Hand Scanner, and an Inventory Management Software to control assets flowing in and out of the inventory.


The Barcode Solution is one of the refined solutions General Automation Ltd offers to businesses in the country. The solution comprises of barcode printers which are specifically designed for industrial operations that requires 24 hours of non-stop service with adjustable pin for any size of labels. These printers are manufactured by Zebra Corporation and distributed as per requirement by the businesses. As General Automation Ltd being a premium agent of Zebra Corporation, we are able to supply any printer model at any time, as well as printer heads and ribbons.

The solution also includes labels of different types and sizes that are compatible with the printers advised by Zebra Corporation. And in order to run the printers competently a Barcode Generating Software and a scanner is included in the Barcode Solution which is none the less customizable.

In conclusion a Barcode Solution consists of Barcode Printer, Printer Ribbon, Printing Label, Barcode Generating Software and a Scanner to read the barcode.

The ID Card Solution provides the basic need of generating ID card for employees on a daily basis where employee turnover and work shifts are frequent. That means an ID Card Printer is mandatory for such purposes otherwise it is time consuming for the admin department to place orders and receive ID cards from time to time. Hence the solution encourages to cut cost on transportation and minimizes company’s expenses.

In the solution we have Zebra ZXP Series 7 ID Card Printer, printer software, application software, colored or black and white ribbon, printer head, PVC card or colored proximity card, card case, and case ribbon (design as per requirement).


The Supermarket Equipment Solution is a sister concern of General Automation Ltd. The solution is considered to have a vivid and the widest aspect of integration among equipment, application and technicality, and we are proud to say General Automation Ltd has established over 40 supermarkets spread out in the country with its solution. Nevertheless we are also responsible for the first supermarket in Bangladesh that is still running under our maintenance and support. The supermarkets that we have set up are Agora (10 outlets),ACI Swapno (14 outlets), Prince Bazar (4 outlets), Nandon (4 outlets), Meena Bazar (6 outlets), Shop N Save (2 outlets), PQS (3 outlets), Unimart, Nandonic Bazar, G-Mart, SS Mart, Fiza & Co, Rifat & Co (8 Outlets), Almas, US Commissary, Tokyo Supershop, Chittagong Club, Club Krishi Bid, Daily Needs, Bangla Bazar, Trust Family Needs (2 outlets), Pick N Pay, Save N Save, and CSD (2 outlets)which are in cantonment.

Our product line is mainly inherited from Italy, Malaysia and Japan. There are over 19 section of products, each section has over 10-15 types and each type has 15 to 20 different line of product. The sections includes refrigeration system which comprises of chiller, fridge display, meat display, fruit display, vegetable display, dairy display, frozen product display and ice cream display, cold-room system comprises of chiller and freezer; trolley composed of push trolley (small, medium, and large), and carrying basket; gondola comprises of wall gondola, island gondola, end gondola, and corner gondola, checkout counter with conveyer belt and without conveyer belt, bone saw machine (small, medium, and large), mincer machine with light and heavy functionality, slicer with light and heavy use, wrapping machine, ice maker with small, medium and large size, food warmer; anti-shoplifting comprises of different models but same functionality, deep fryer, weighing scale are divided in types that includes pole type, platform scale and bench scale, auto sliding door, POS system comprises of cash drawer, POS printer, scanner and display pole.

In conclusion the Supermarket Equipment Solution is one of the promising products of General Automation Ltd. Our number of projects and product line surely wins the expectations and queries of our end users. And the best part is we don’t just end our relationship by supplying our products, but we also intend to serve these industries with further servicing and monitoring as required. Over the years our team of expertise has gained intensive knowledge throughout their career in General Automation Ltd and has maintained to undergo vigorous training on technicality of our products. And from the service end our technicians are committed to support and aid our customers at any cost necessary.